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Research and Publications

Research Interests:

  • Physics of Liquids: Theory and Modeling
  • Liquid Crystals and Filled Liquids
  • Biophysics of Synapse and Ecological Modeling
  • System with Swarm Intelligence
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Social and Political Modeling

Some Publications:

  1. Vasilev A.N., Gordiichuk P.I. Density Distribution of a Binary Liquid in a Cylindrical Pore under the Action of External Field. // High Temperature, v. 49, N1, 2011, P. 6367.
  2. Vasilev A.N., Chalyi A.V. Trigger Regime of the Functioning of the Synaptic Channel. // Biophysics, v. 55, N4, 2010, P. 600603.
  3. Zadorozhnii V.I., Vasilev A.N., Reshetnyak V.Yu., Thomas K.S., Sluckin T.J. Nematic director response in ferronematic cells. // Europhys. Letters, v. 73, N3, 2006, P. 408-414.
  4. Vasyljev O., Pinkevich I. Correlations of Thermal Director Fluctuations in Filled Liquid Crystals. // Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, v. 413, N5, 2004, P. 231-238.
  5. Chalyi A.V., Vasil'ev A.N. Correlation properties, critical parameters and critical light scattering in finite-size systems. // Journal of Molecular Liquids, v. 84, 2000, P. 203-213.

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